Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Why do people have this delusion that democracy works?

I am still fucking hearing from people saying they want a fucking "democratically elected" leader.

Look, the fucking Westminster system never had popularly elected leadership, do you thing Oliver Cromwell would become Prime Minister if it was open up to popular fucking vote?

The fact that the franchise has been open to all has only been around since 1895. AND THAT WAS IN FUCKING SOUTH AUSTRALIA! Before that only men had the franchise. And the Native Australians only got the vote in the 1960's!

Even in America, you do not popularly elect the president. You vote for an electoral collage voter, who is not beholden to the voters who elect him, and CAN CHANGE who he/she is going to vote for! The reason this occurred was partly slave owners fearing being swamped by the populous north, and also the founding fathers where not too keen of leaving the President to popular vote.

Fucking hell you guys, I am starting to sound like Bob fucking Carr!

The fact that having a non democratically elected head of state (the Queen) means while you can get pure bastardry like in 1975 (maintain the fucking rage!), you also have a person who owes no one for his or her position. Serious money is needed to run a political campaign, and as the #openinternet weenies are discovering, the more money you throw at Canberra, the more votes you get where it counts, in Causcus!

So shut the fuck up, you want change, pay for it!

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