Thursday, July 15, 2010


Yes, I did write THAT letter. You can find a pdf of it here on the Oz.

I wrote about 5 drafts. One I threw away because I was laughing my arse off from the claims that Bob and Blanche leaked to the Murdoch press. Four of them did have fucking colourful language, which I do tend to sprinkle into my writing and speeches.

I am very happy with the result. I knew I was not writing for Bob alone, as he would leak it straight away. I was surprised that he went to The Australian, I thought it would have gone to the tabloids.

The issue is that Bob has now discovered that he misses public adulteration. Being away from the limelight for so long must be anathema for B&B. The tele-movie (what a road smash that promises to be, another blatant attack on yours truly) and the rewriting of history (that is, the second biography) is his way to regain the public love he misses.

I do like Bob. He, in his day, could sell coal to Newcastle and shit to the press gallery. However, the Government was not just one person. It was a collection of party members, back benchers, Ministers and staffers. Bob even proved he could carry on without me when I went back to the back bench (not for long though).

Even though I was a large part of the Hawke Government, and the source of most of its most inspired reforms, it was a team effort and everyone had their part to play. It was not all about me, or all about the Silver Bodgie. It was about the True Believers making the world a better place.

I am not thrilled with the idea of writing a book. I am more concerned with my present projects: trying to turn Peter Walsh back to a human (or as close as possible), creating RoboGough so he can go back to 1972 and kill Sir John Kerr, redesigning Sydney to get rid of some of the blighted buildings (and find the best place for my 30m bronze statue), and planning my next suit and clock buying trip when the Euro zone economy ends up in Banana Republic zone. I don't need the love of the public like B&B does.

I think it will be better to let the 30 year rule run its course on the Cabinet papers and let history and historians judge us. Unless they are arse licking liberalites of cause!

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  1. thanks for your twitter message re: the Hawke biopic last night. I think it was glossed over way too much, esp. the Hawke-Keating interactions.

    Anyway, I was wondering if you could do me a favour, could you tweet the following:

    "Vote for @brainsmatter in an Aus election that really matters, #ausvotes #underdog #bigblogtheory"

    as I seem to be the only nominee without any celebrity backing or an organisation such as the ABC behind it - ta!