Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The best example of a successful political social media campaign

Did you see the @oldspice man's videos he made on Youtube? No, not the Old Spice ads (which are fucking awesome), but the question and answer project he did in the last week?

Congratulations, you saw the perfect example of a political social media campaign.

Now you would be saying that I am full of shit if I was anyone else except for me, but hear me out.

He was connecting with his audience, and his audience loved him.

It was not a fucking sound bite delivered via social media. It was a simple question being answered.

In the Old Spice Man's world, the responses where humourous, over the top and surreal. However, he was not trying to shovel a fucking slogan down our throats, or pound a fucking product into our subconscious. He was being a man (an awesome man, the er), talking to his adoring public, one at a time. The message was not to everyone at once, but assessable to everyone, via twitter, facebook, youtube and what not.

The message was subtle. It was simple. The message is "Old Spice makes you awesome". He did not have to blurt it out. He reached out to the net terrorists and porno kids at He reached out to the Twitterati like Rose McGowan and Alysia Milano.

And they loved it, and shared it.

It became a meme. It swept the internet faster than Rick Astley or Star Wars Kid.

It was perfect.

And if used for politics, it would be perfect as well.

The fucking statanists at Sussex St or King St have no idea. The ALP has in its federal arsenal some very telegenic talent. Fucking Peter Garret has more credibility in his shit that Tony Abbott has in is empty head. Maxine McKew used to be on FUCKING Television! Even Kate Lundy has massive credibility in the Aussie interwebs. SO FUCKING USE THEM.

Get some of the trainee drones and arse kissers to scan social media, and pick 20 questions a day. Any question. Don't stack it with stooge crap. Questions from the public. You know...THE FUCKING VOTERS!

Get someone on a camera for 2 hours a day and answer the questions. Does not have to be the same person, rotate to show that the ALP is fucking full of AWESOME talent. And answer the FUCKING QUESTIONS!

Answer honestly, succinctly and most importantly, avoid the slogans. The social media audience will gut you like day old fucking fish if you repeat the old slogans like mystical chants, and 4Chan will nuke your servers.

Treat them like sensible people. Its not a speech. It is a conversation between the speaker and the questioner.

Engage with the fucking voters, and they will do the spreading of the message for you. That is what a fucking internet meme means. Don't control the message.

However, I think this is as likely as a virgin surviving a night in Sussex St. I can fucking dream though

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