Thursday, July 15, 2010

10 Questions that the Tasmanian Liberal Fucktards want answered by Gilliard

Well, the stagnant pool of slime called the Tassie Liberals have 10 questions for Julia Gillard. Since I don't care anymore, I will break the pollie code and answer them truthfully and succinctly.


1. Will the Prime Minister rule out using taxpayers’ money to buy-out Tasmanian forest industry jobs?
No. Throwing taxpayer money at Tassie Loggers wins more votes wins more votes with the urban greenies than it lose in the state where there is less population than Bankstown.
2. Does the Prime Minister still support the Mark Latham forest policy, as she did in 2004?
Who the fuck is Mark Latham?
3. Will the Prime Minister give a guarantee that no Tasmanian mining company will be impacted by Labor’s proposed new mining tax?
The Tasmanian mining industry was never the focus for the Resource Royalty Tax. If Tasmania was drawing in a shitload of people and paying truck drivers $100,000, then you might have issues.
4. Why did Ms Gillard short-change Tasmanian cancer patients by $30 million?
Because you get more bang for buck if you spend that $30 million anywhere else. 
5. Where is the MRI machine for the North West coast that Sid Sidebottom promised?
Next to the Unicorn and Magic Dust in the corner. Never count your promises until you put your cold dead hands on them.
6. What is Ms Gillard doing to fix the debacle over the GP Super Clinics that Labor promised the Tasmanian people three years ago?
See question 5
7. Has the Prime Minister driven on the Midland Highway?
No. Prime Ministers fly everywhere. 
8. Will she match the Coalition’s $400 million commitment to duplicate it?
Has hundred of people died on it? Does it supply an important port or inductry? Is it in a maginal seat? Thats the piority.
9. Given that Ms Gillard’s predecessor Kevin Rudd said that while he was Prime Minister union boss Kevin Harkins’ chances of becoming a Labor Senator would be “Buckley’s and none”, would Ms Gillard now support a reinvigorated Kevin Harkins Senate campaign?
Only if he guarantees 2 lower house seats.
10. If she does, then would she also support Mr Harkins’ plan for Tasmania to be used as a regional processing centre for asylum seekers?
Of cause not. We only intend to ship asylum seekers to third world countries. Sending them to Tasmania is cruel.
Once again, I have to question if the Liberal backroom people parents where brothers and sisters....

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