Wednesday, November 3, 2010

US elections. The Go Fuck Yourself Movement Continues

The winner of the US midterm elections is the Westminster System. Because unlike the US system, the Westminster system, especially those in Commonwealth nations like Australia and Canada, is fully capable of running without a clear majority.

Thats because we ignore our constitutions.

I am no Bob Carr or Kim Bomber Beasley, but blind Freddy can see how fucked the US system is.

1. There is no central election body like the Australian Electoral Commission. Each county (Aussie equivalent is Municipal Councils) run the booths, with state and federal inntervention on such matters as electoral rolls and electoral boundaries. As a result, most US congressional districts are so fucking gerrymandered that Joh Bjelke Petersen would blush in its blatant electoral rorting.

2. The political parties leaders look at the Westminster Systems parties and sigh in envy. Getting party members to vote the same way is like herding cats, a fucking fools errand.

3. The division between executive and legislative is very pronounced in the US, compared to Australia. When our founding fathers looked at the President and Congressional roles, as a man said "These people are fucking insane!". This is why the Prime Minister is a member of the lower house, to submit legislation and prove to the monarch (or Governor General), that s/he

  1. Enjoys the support of the house
  2. actually introduce legislation that is not hijacked by every single member who wants some pork barrelling
  3. Allow check and balances on the powers of the executive. The only check and balance the US president has in the USA is a Impeachment. 
This topic is boring me. However, the USA has dammed itself for 2 years of flipper baby ineptness and gridlock. We can work a similar situation in Australia, because our founding fathers had a clue. I doubt the US founding fathers can say the same thing. But I can guarantee that Bob Carr will rip a new arsehole on me on this topic.

Two words Bob. Fucking Bring IT!

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